Telkom DWM-157 3G dongle does work on Windows 10

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After I have upgraded my windows PC to Windows 10 I found that my Telkom Mobile DWM-157 did not want to work on my windows 10 PC due to a security setting within Windows 10. I struggled with this for a WHILE until I got to this workaround. Telkom Mobile Dlink DWM-157 Dongle

The modem did not even want to load from my side. I could hear my usb detecting the device but it will shortyly after fail whereby I could not even access the files contained on the DLink DMW-157 Dongle. My first step in resolving this issue was to copy all the files off the dongle into a usb flash drive and onto my harddrive on c:\DLinkDriver

DWM-157 Drivers on hard drive

Once I had the files in the hard drive and clicked InstallPackage.exe I was presented with the second challenge. An error message
User Account Control
The app has been blocked for your protection. Not trusted.

This app has been blocked for your protection

I have searched the web for some info about this and as it turns out Microsoft has made some extensive changes to the security modules within Windows 10. I have tried changing keys in the registry and various other changes but none of them worked. I finally got the dongle working. Please follow these steps.

1. You are still required to have the files contained on the Telkom DWM-157 dongle on your Windows 10 PC.

2. Once you have the files on the PC open your command prompt in administrator mode. - Click on the search button - Type "cmd" and RIGHT CLICK the command prompt and run it as an administrator.

Run command prompt on administrator made

3. Navigate to the directory where you saved the Telkom DLink DWM-157 file on your Windows 10 PC. NB ! Make sure your command prompt window lists the name Administrator in the top left corner of the command prompt window.

run InstallPackage in command prompt

Once you get passed this you will see that the modem installation file starts and the security setting on Windows 10 has been bypassed. At this point you can continue with the installation. On the last screen of the setup make sure that the Launch Application is selected as the program needs to run on the same Administrator thread as the Installer.

Launch Application From Setup


I have not found a way to completely install the DWM-157 dongle onto the Windows 10 PC permanently. Even after I have installed it with the Administrator command prompt and I access it externally via the start menu I get the not trusted error again. However if you follow this process every time, it does become second nature:)

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Thanks this was helpful.



How do i see how many data is left on the dongle



Hi Phile, you need to check this at your service provider. I use Telkom so could check on However other service provider will have the same functionality. Hope this helps.